Sample of Project Vision Statement

The Vision Statement is written from the perspective of the customer and end users. Its purpose is to define what project success looks like. In other words, if the project were successful, what would the product look like? What are its key characteristics and features, and how will this help its users perform their functions better? One key difference between the Business Case and the Vision Statement is that the Business Case considers all options for solving the problem, without delving too deeply into the specifics of any single solution, except for the costs, advantages, and disadvantages. The Vision Statement assumes that you have decided to conduct the project. It defines, at a management level, how management will be able to tell if the mission has been accomplished.

Although most outsourcing organizations may have elements of a Vision Statement identified, it may not be formally stated in a document. If this is the case, the contractor's role is twofold:

Help the customer define and envision what the product will do and how it will help the customer.

Work closely with your project team to communicate this vision, and promote the vision to everyone on the project. The goal is for the project team to understand the problem from the customer's perspective and to buy in to the ideas the customer has for solving the problem.

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