Information Technology Master Plan Templates

Information Technology Master Plan Templates
Download free Information Technology Master Plan Templates
I. Current IT Posture
A. Scope of Responsibilities
B. Governing Policy
C. IT Personnel and Staffing
D. IT Training and Awareness


IT Project Management Audit Checklist

IT Project Management Audit Checklist Free Download
Download free IT Project Management Audit Checklist. This checklist made by using reference to Prince2, Project Management International (PMI) and also refer to Information System and Audit basic process. This Checklist covering 5 basic domain to be review such as:


GanttProject, Open source Project Management

GanttProject is a free open source project management, similiar solution for Microsoft Project but at no cost. You can download the GanttProject for your project management solution

GanttProject is a free and easy to use Gantt chart based project scheduling and management tool. Our major features include:
- Task hierarchy and dependencies
- Gantt chart
- Resource load chart
- Generation of PERT chart
- PDF and HTML reports
- MS Project import/export
- WebDAV based groupwork

Provide Free Project Management Templates, Checklists and Tools

Comparison between Project Management Framework (PMP, Prince, ICB, AIPM)

Comparison between Project Management Framework

Download Free Comparison Between PMBOK, PRINCE2, ANCSPM, AIPM and ICB.
- The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM)
- Australian National Competency Standards for Project Management(ANCSPM)
- Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
- Project in Controlled Environment (PRINCE2)
- ICB (IPMA Competence Baseline)

PMP Prince2 Mapping Poster

PMP Prince2 Mapping Poster
Download Free PMP Prince2 Mapping Poster Templates. This Poster Templates describe the correlation between Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) and Project in Controlled Environment (PRINCE2) Certification.

Below the detail scope and area:

Project Management Professional (PMP)
- Project Integration Management
- Project Scope Management
- Project Time Management

IT Project Management Risk Control Matrix Templates

Download Free IT Project Management Risk Control Matrix Templates

Schedule creation
- Schedule, resources, and product definition have all been dictated by the customer or upper management and are not in balance.
- Schedule is optimistic, ‘best case’, rather than realistic, ‘expected case’.
- Schedule omits necessary tasks.
- Schedule was based on the use of specific team members, but those team members were not available.
- Cannot build a product of the size specified in the time allocated.
- Product is larger than estimated (in lines of code, function points, or percentage of previous project’s size).
- Effort is greater than estimated (per line of code, function point, module, etc.).
- Re-estimation in response to schedule slips is overly optimistic or ignores project history.
- Excessive schedule pressure reduces productivity.
- Target date is moved up with no corresponding adjustment to the product scope or available resources.
- A delay in one task causes cascading delays in dependent tasks.
- Unfamiliar areas of the product take more time than expected to design and implement.

Organization and management

Security Technology Implementation Checklists

Security Technology Implementation Checklists

1. Identify the organization’s development methodology and determine how the security department will meet all of the methodology’s requirements.

2. Identify the project manager for the new project.

3. Develop the system security requirements.

4. Develop the system fail-over and availability requirements.

5. Develop the system performance requirements.

Key element of successful Data Center Migration

Key element of successful Data Center Migration

1. Develop a complete inventory of Application and Infrastructure
What's complete inventory means? at least detail of:
- Application Owner (owner, admin, custody)
- Application Profile (function, os, database, interdependence)
- Infrastructure Profile (name, location, type, power)

2. Protect your property
Make sure your property is protected from damage, loss or theft during the relocation process.

3. Plan and schedule the move
Schedule means

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